PiC dental






PiC abutments


Precise Implant Capture (PIC) Abutments are preciously placed, prior to capturing the measurements, on top of the implants or multi-unit abutments immediately after surgery or post healing as a step in the restorative phase. PIC Abutments have a unique and customized pattern consisting of pre-measured marker dots. The PIC Dental System utilizes photogrammetry technology to pinpoint the vectors of each implant on an arch creating the most accurate and precise measurements which are interrelated. This allows for implant impressions to be captured among all implants digitally with up to 10 micron accuracy cross arch.

PiC camera


PIC Camera and Software uses unique logarithms capable of full arch measurements in less then 1 minute. Patient information including case notes, implant positions along with system, size, healing cap and tooth position are entered into the system before measurements are taken. Once the procedure begins a viewer window opens on the computer screen to assist the user in capturing the precision measurements. The PIC Dental system is built to detect and alert if a PIC Abutment shifts or was incorrectly selected ensuring a confirmed scan at completion.