Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find most of the questions you can ask. I hope it helps. Send us your doubts or questions that are not collected here. Thank you.

How can we make an order?

Please click on this link: through this web you will be able to make your order. Our order department will send you an email with the proforma and conditions of sale.

What kind of Implant libraries are available?

We have  Implant Level libraries for Exocad, 3Shape, EGS-Kulzer and Dentalwings.
We can make custom libraries for all Systems
We have Ti Bases libraries for Exocad, 3Shape, EGS-Kulzer and Dentalwings.
For more information visit
Or send an email to

Information about the prices of the products?

If you want to know the price of a product, please contact us
through this link:

You will be able to access the full range of products available and from here, you will be able to place an order, the Sales department will send you a proforma.
If you wish to obtain a price list you can contact the sales department at this email:

Problems with the nomenclature of Implant libraries?

If you are not sure which option to use in your implant designs, learn more about the naming of implant libraries at:

How to import the implant library?

If you do not know how to import the implant library, you will find how to do it in these links:


Exocad: coming soon

3ShapeClick Here

Dentalwings: coming soon

What can I do if I can not find the product I need?

If you are interested in a system that does not appear in our catalog, contact us at we will find a solution for you.

Do you need more information about Dental Consulting, Scanner, 3D Printer or other subject?

If you need to expand information on any of these issues send us an email to:

If you need Training send an email to

Our team will send you an email answering all your questions.

Is it possible to make custom pieces?

That is our specialty. We are experts in small lots. We can manufacture Scanbodies for the Implant System you need, no matter how complicated it may be.
Send an email to , explaining your request.

What is the difference between the Straumann TL 4.8 Basal screw and Straumann T.L. 4.8 normal (for Target3D components)?

The Straumann TL 4.8 Basal screw has the design as the original and you should use it for designs from Implant libraries (Very Important)
The Straumann TL 4.8 normal is used for Target3D components.

I have forgotten my username, now what?

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What methods of payment are accepted?

It is usually possible to pay by bank transfer. Credit card and Paypal is also possible to use although unfortunately has a small surcharge (3%)

What is the warranty period for the implant components?

The warranty period of the components is for life.

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Normally after receiving the payment, you will receive the merchandise in 2/3 working days. In some countries it can be extended due to customs.

Are returns allowed?

You have the right to make changes or returns within a maximum period of 15 days
counted from the invoice date.
After this period, the company will not respond to the claims or returns of the products.
The products can not be returned once the original packaging has been broken or damaged.
In all cases, changes and returns must be sent to the target3D headquarters.
A postage paid, including a photocopy of the invoice or delivery note and return note filled in.
For products and machines that are on request no refunds are allowed, unless they are damaged or damaged and will be replaced by others of the same characteristics or similar, in no case, for the amount paid.