Implant Libraries

Here you will find plenty of information about our libraries.

We also have a custom design service for implant libraries. We can add the implant systems you need! Ask for conditions.

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We have Libraries for all Cad Cam systems


We have Implant Level and Abutment Level

Implant Level

Zimmer Internal Hex 4,5® Scan Jig Implant Level Engaging.

Ti Base level

Zimmer Internal Hex 4,5 Titanium Engaging Interfaces

CrCo Base Level

Implant Level Main Features

Prepared for Milling


Prepared for angled channel


Nomenclature of the Implant Library


It is important to know all the options that Target3D offers in libraries.
Here is a summary:

E = Engaging
NE = Non Engaging
ZR = Zirconium
S = Short
VS = Very Short

In the following photos you can see it more clearly.


You can find more information on our WiKI

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3Shape and Dentalwings Systems have similar options.

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